Is Cyber Warfare the Next New Threat to our Security?

I grew up during the Cold War, where the relationship between Russia and the United States was extremely fragile and tension had everyone holding their breath for nuclear war, the beginning of WWIII and the end of civilization as we knew it. Although, nuclear war is still a concern and we are ever vigilant in making sure our country is safe, a new threat is surfacing and could be just as dangerous. This new threat is cyber warfare.
cyber warfare
Technology has been booming within the past 40 years and with it has come a lot of convenience. We are able to do things that we haven’t done before, we can access and store data better than ever before, we can communicate better and have incredible amounts of information at our fingertips. The Internet has literally changed the way we live our lives. We research differently, shop differently, advertise differently, do business differently and handle our money differently. These are all good changes that help us be more efficient and productive. But with this new found way of life, comes threats that we have never thought of before.

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of cyber tension as several nations including the US, China, South Korea and North Korea have experienced cyber attacks. There have been a lot of accusations, finger pointing and frustration with these attacks. But more than that, it has increased awareness of the threat of cyber warfare.

I recently read an article found on (click here) that quoted James Rickards, a top financial-threat advisor to the Pentagon, CIA, and Director of National Intelligence.

According to the article, Rickards feels that a cyber “Pearl Harbor” is fast approaching. He points out that the US is not prepared. We have a strong military force and most countries would have difficulty going against us with a military strike. But in cyber attacks, opposing nations can strike without needing a strong military force. They can use covert, untraceable and instantaneous attacks that may severely affect our economy. Rickards goes as far as calling cyber warfare a weapon of economic mass destruction.

But with warnings also comes hope. Rickards states that it is not too late. It’s time for America to step up and take cyber security seriously.

Here is a proposal compiled by International experts that outline what laws they feel should be applicable to cyber warfare. Although this is not an official document of NATO, it is getting due attention.


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