Could Google Glass Give us a World Without Privacy?

In today’s modern culture, it is difficult to stay technologically savvy. As soon as you have a device, there are three new upgrades to take its place. Those who do keep up with the latest technology wait eagerly for the newest and most exciting gadget to hit the market.

So what’s the latest and greatest? Google Glass.

Google Glass

But controversy has encircled this device, even before it has hit the stores.

Google Glass is a mini wearable computer that is connected to a pair of lens-less glasses. With it you can access the Internet, send audible texts, get directions, make reservations and take pictures and videos from anywhere. To learn more about Google Glass click here.

Google-glass-banEven though it has cutting-edge technology that can be very exciting, there are some concerns—to the point that certain parts of the country are trying to ban it. Even Congress is getting involved. Why?

The biggest issue is Privacy.

With Google Glass you can take a picture of anyone and anything and then broadcast it to millions within seconds. There are also concerns about distracted driving, even though the device is hands free.

Google states that they have taken precautions to limit the intrusiveness of Glass, but just like with any other computer program, hackers can find a way to override those safety measures.

Another concern that has come up is facial recognition. With real-time facial recognition, hackers could identify people by name and then tap into their social network profiles and predict or even obtain sensitive personal information.

Supporters of Glass feel that the resistance is exaggerated. These same privacy concerns c0me up whenever new technology hits the market. Concerns about privacy were raised when smartphones, Gmail and Google Map’s street view hit the market. But now they are all readily accepted and adopted into our modern culture.

Of course people can use any device in a negative or abusive way, but Google Glass has considered these issues and made safeguards to avoid invasiveness. Those using Glass would be under the same privacy policy as those using smartphones. Google stated Glass would make a lousy spy cam. In order to take a picture or video you need to face the person. A light also flashes letting those around you know that you are recording them. They also said that they will only enable face recognition after they have strong privacy protections in place.

What do you think about Google Glass?


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