Improve Conversion Rates with McAfee Secure

If you are an online business owner and you want to increase sales, you really should consider some ways to boost your conversion rate. Companies, such as McAfee Secure, can help online business owners improve their conversion rates.  So what is a conversion rate anyway?

Conversion rate is the number of people that visit your site and actually do what you want them to.  For example, if you get 1000 visitors on your site each day, and 20 of them purchase your product, your conversion rate is 2%.  As a website owner, knowing your conversion rate is highly helpful.  It helps you to determine the level of trust that your visitors have.  Anything over a 3% conversion rate is considered good, but generally conversion rates range from 1-3%.  Many people overlook their conversion rates because they are concentrating on getting new customers to their site.  It is good to have new visitors, but don’t forget about the ones you already may be getting, or you will be losing more sales.

There are many ways to increase your conversion rate.  As mentioned above, trust seals are a really great tactic to get more sales.  Because you have been verified by a third party, and you have the image posted on your site to prove so, you will gain more trust from the visitors of your site, which in return means more sales, and an increase in your conversion rate.

Another thing to consider for improving your conversion rate is SSL digital certificates. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, certificates provide encryption for transferring information over the internet.  Having an SSL certificate helps to prevent hackers from stealing private customer information during a transaction.  You must have SSL encryption pages when asking for information such as credit cards or social security numbers.

If you want to increase conversion rates, consider split testing.  Split testing helps you determine the best area on your site to put things.  You can purchase split testing programs that will automatically change content on your site, or that will report the results to you.  It will test to see that your site is set up the best way possible to attract more visitors.

The last thing you should consider to increase conversion rate is that you need to display contact information and a privacy policy.  Customers are more likely to shop on sites that have their contact info and privacy policies displayed, so they know your business is legitimate and safe.

So when looking to improve your conversion rate, consider companies such as McAfee Secure. They can help verify your business and help you to know what things you need to do to be the best online company you can be!


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