A New Internet Security Infographic: Where You’ll Get Hacked

internet securityMany people complain about not having privacy and then give important personal information on their social networking sites making it easy for hackers to steal their identity. Such things as birthdates, where you went to High School or even your pet’s name could be used to hack into your accounts. Some teens are so excited about growing up that they’ll post pictures of their credit card or student I.D.

Hotspot Shield recently created an infographic that spells out Internet Security in a way that is fun and easy to understand. It lists common mistakes and things that you can do to prevent a hacker from getting your personal information.

Here are some of the facts:

  • Identity theft is the number one reason hackers go after your personal information.
  • 98% of  stolen credit card data is used in fraudulent transactions.
  • Last year saw 12.6 million victims (including a couple of my friends and my mother-in-law).
  • The types of information hackers are looking for include: Social Security numbers, passwords, PIN numbers,  usernames, bank account numbers and more.
  • Most of the hackers were able to get in using remote access.
  • 89 % of public Wi-Fi hotspots are unsecured and 48 % of investigated attacks came from e-commerce sites.
  • It’s easy to download malware without even realizing it.
  • Most people know not to open emails from unfamiliar sites, but 72% of students were victims of phishing scams when they thought that the email link was from their friends. It’s easy to hack into your contact list.
  • The best way to protect yourself from hackers is by using regular detection and defense techniques such as strong passwords and browser, network and Wi-Fi security.

To check out the infographic click here: http://dailyinfographic.com/where-youll-get-hacked-infographic


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