Is Your Computer System Safe from Hackers? How to Get an IT Penetration Test

You may be wondering what the difference between a vulnerability scan and a IT penetration test is.  With vulnerability scanning, your system will be scanned for vulnerabilities that may put your system at risk.  IT penetration testing includes this, but much more.

There are three common forms of computer network hacking.  DoS attacks are when hackers flood the network with unauthentic traffic, which crowds out legitimate traffic and can cause your system to become unresponsive.  Wireless networks are particularly susceptible to DoS attacks.  Hackers can access an organization’s network from a car or coffee shop and leave behind no evidence.

Another type of hacking attack is known as information leaking or pirating.  This is where information is taken without the legitimate user’s knowledge.  Hackers can receive unauthorized information and then change its contents without the user knowing.

ARP (address resolution protocol) is what allows a device that uses TCP/IP protocol to detct other devices using IP addresses on a network.  A hacker can interfere by changing this identification information in such a way as to allow them to receive the transmitted information instead of the intended recipient.

An IT penetration test can determine how well your computer system is protected from hackers.  The penetration test is designed to try to gain access to your network and information assets in the same way that a hacker would.  The benefit of a penetration test is to identify the extent to which a system can be compromised before an actual determined attack.  After a penetration test is completed, you will know where security needs to be enhanced and will be able to sleep better at night.


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