Purchasing Knock-Off Brands Can Increase your Risk of Identity Theft.

knock-off brandsThe Academy Awards aired a few weeks ago and many people watched the red carpet to see what the celebrities were wearing. Then designers get busy copying the fashions in order to provide a less expensive version for the general public. Many designer fashions, especially for celebrities, come with an expensive price tag. Chances are, the real thing costs way more than the average customer can afford. That’s where knock-off brands come in. Many companies start to produce items that can look almost identical to the real thing, but for a lot less cost.

You may be able to save money when purchasing knock-off brand consumer goods, but you also put yourself at risk. Some knock-offs are actually counterfeits and many websites that provide counterfeited knock-off goods want to steal your identity by obtaining your important credit card information.

The Department of Homeland Security in conjunction with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the nonprofit International  Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition have launched a new website to increase awareness of the risk in purchasing counterfeit goods and identity theft. Their website, designsfauxreal.com, looks like a regular e-commerce website that sells knock-off brands of designer clothing, jewelry and accessories but when you look closer, you’ll find that these products come with consumer warnings and friendly reminders to avoid giving out important credit card information.

Examples include a picture of a watch with the words: “50 % off your life savings…when you give your credit card to counterfeit sites like this one.”

There is even a “buy now” button with the words, “We’re anxious to collect all of your credit card information!!” written next to it. You can’t actually buy anything on the website but with every action you make, it will give different kinds of warnings against identity theft. The main goal of the website it to raise awareness about the risks associated with counterfeit luxury goods.

Check out the site: http://designsfauxreal.com/
Read more:  http://www.upi.com/blog/2013/03/08/Department-of-Homeland-Security-launches-fake-counterfeiting-website/1201362759980/#ixzz2NSOsxfYS.


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