PCI Compliant Scans: How to ensure that your website is safe.

pci compliant scanWe’ve talked a lot about SSL and the importance of encryption and website security. But SSL is not enough. Most companies that accept credit or debit cards for payment know that regular PCI compliant scans are an important part of security. In fact, those companies that do not regularly complete PCI compliant scans–which are required by the 5 major credit card companies–could face serious consequences including being banned from accepting card payments and hefty fines.

So how can SSL and PCI compliant scans work together to provide ultimate security?

SSL helps get the customer’s important card information safely to the website, but the website itself needs to be secure. This is where PCI compliant scans come in. They scan for vulnerabilities and security holes in the website that may allow hackers to obtain sensitive and important card payment information. By closing up these security holes, you can prevent hackers from stealing your customers’ identity.

This video from TrustGuard, a company that provides PCI Scanning and Trust Seals, explains this process…

Using SSL and regular PCI compliant scans will bring peace of mind to you and your customers. You will have confidence in your website knowing that you are providing a secure environment for your customers. When they see that you set website security as a priority, they will trust you. This helps build strong relationships and increases sales.



  1. Without SSL I feel like my card information is not safe to give. I am glad there are people that help educate me on how to keep my information safe. Thanks!

  2. Just because the website has an SSL certificate doesn’t mean it is free from security holes! Check out this video for tips on how to stay safe online.

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