Is Privacy Dead? The Price We Pay For Living in the Digital Age

How Europe is dealing with online privacy

by safwat sayed

With the recent NSA Surveillance Scandal where Edward Snowden, a former intelligence analyst, leaked information about top secret US and British surveillance and data-collecting programs, many Americans are on edge and nervous, wondering who is watching them and if their privacy is being invaded.

So the question is, how much of your personal information is being tracked or gathered? The Today Show finds out as they follow one NBC News producer to see what kind of digital trail he leaves after just one day. The results are astounding. Anything from checking Facebook, sending an email, using your cell phone, or buying coffee can leave a digital footprint.  Even though this can be frightening, many private companies use this information to serve you better and the government is trying to keep the country safe and secure. The important thing is to be aware, discuss the situation and determine the risks versus the benefits of having our information tracked. It’s an interesting segment. Check it out.

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