12 Steps to Protect Yourself from a Security Breach.

security breach

Protect your customer’s personal information

It is estimated that there is at least one reported data breach each day in the U.S. Include the unreported cases and that number rises.

These breaches have compromised millions (hundreds of millions even) of personal records and 80% of which include Social Security numbers.

It is well known that security breaches are to be avoided. They are damaging to business and can be quite catastrophic for small businesses. After law suits and fines can cause significant financial damage not to mention the lost of vital trusting relationships with customers.

The good news is that by taking some extra care with the way you handle sensitive personal data, you can avoid the devastating effects of a security breach.

Here are 12 steps to minimize your risk of a security breach

1-Recognize the risk. Take it seriously.

2-Have a security plan.

3-Take privacy seriously.

4-Identify and protect sensitive customer data.

5-Get all employees involved.

6-Enlist your partners in the process.

7-Use tough love and strict rules.

8-Make sure all devices are secure, even smartphones and tablets.

9-Think of security in layers.

10-Encrypt your data whenever possible.

11-Make sure your website is protected.

12-Review and update constantly.

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