Need Customers? Get a Privacy Safe Seal!

Need More Customers? Consider getting a Privacy Safe Trust Seal!

If you have done an adequate job of getting people to visit your website, you’ve kept it safe and away from hackers, now it’s time to get those visitors to do what you want them to do! Whether you are selling frisbees, fans, forklifts, fabric, felines, Ferrari’s or fax machines, you are probably in business to make money. And the more people you can get to buy what you’re selling, the more money you will make.

It might not be safeabout traffic anymore; it might be more about conversions.  And why do people leave your check-out page and go somewhere else to do their shopping? Because they don’t know you and they are afraid that you might do something with their personal information that you are requesting from them. They’re afraid you’ll sell it or lose it or that a hacker will come along and steal their identity.

Having a trust seal like Trust Guard’s Privacy Safe seal will put your online visitors at ease. It will resolve their concerns about what might happen to their confidential information. When people feel comfortable with you – when they trust you – more of them will buy from you. With a privacy safe seal you’ll get more customers and make more money. That’s true for foreigners and farmers and everyone in between. So don’t be a fool, give privacy seals a try!