Vulnerability Assessment and PCI Scanning

In my search to find out all that I could about PCI Scanning I recently saw the term vulnerability assessment mentioned with PCI Scanning and so I decided to make that my next subject of research.  When I started I never thought it would be so difficult to find out how the two were related and after hours of looking I realized that the answer was staring me right in the face.

Vulnerability Assessment is related to PCI Scanning in the fact that they both serve basically the same purpose.  They both scan over a subject in order to find any holes in the system that would let any intruders in.  They not only help to find any viruses or bugs you might have in your system now, but their main purpose is to scan your system and find any problem areas and fix them in order to prevent any security issues from happening.

While I was learning about vulnerability assessment I found out how important it is to have something that will find these vulnerabilities for you.   In this day in age it is important to have a third party helping to protect your online business.  There are so many ways to hack into your server and corrupt all that you have worked for and if that isn’t scary enough these hackers are constantly scanning your business looking for holes, and they are constantly finding new ways to get a hold of the sensitive information that is stored on your site.

If you have an online business I would definitely look into getting some type of vulnerability assessment tool such as PCI Scanning to help protect your business.  It would be very beneficial to protect yourself from hackers who are constantly changing their tactics by using a third party who can keep up on the latest things that the hackers are doing and scanning your business in order to prevent any security problems.


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