Web Hosting Might Make a Difference in Website Security

There are different types of web hosting services and the one you choose for your company might make a difference when it comes to website security.

Web Hosting 101

web hostingWeb hosting services are Internet hosting services that allow individuals, companies or organizations to create and manage websites. Web hosts provide clients space on a web server—the hardware or software that delivers content to the Internet. Depending on the service plan, they may provide Internet connectivity, maintenance, security, technical support and administrative tasks.

There are many different types of Internet hosting services. The service you choose for your website depends on your individual needs and preferences. The following are the most common hosting services.

Free Hosting is free of charge and easy to use, but very limited. It also may be supported with ads.

Shared Hosting is the most popular hosting service. In shared hosting, one server is used to host many websites making it cost effective for both you and the host. It is, however, less secure than other types of web hosting.

Dedicated Hosting is very secure because the you own and control your own server. With this type of server, you take care of all administrative tasks, security, and technical support which can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Managed Hosting is the same as dedicated hosting except that while you manage your website, the hosting service provides administration tasks, maintenance and web support making daily operation less complicated.

A Virtual Private Server or (VPS) is the happy medium between shared and dedicated hosting. A VPS has multiple websites on one server, similar to shared hosting, but the website is partitioned off and you have sole access to your portion of the server. VPS has added security because you can customize security aspects of the site and determine who has access.

Cloud Hosting is becoming increasingly popular. It is similar to having a time-share condo. You pay only for the space and system time used. Capacity is flexible and can grow or decline based on your needs. This type of hosting is more reliable but less secure than other types of hosting because you have less control of where and how your data is stored. I’ll be writing more about this in a future post.

There are many factors that play into which web hosting service you choose for your website–cost, flexibility, ease, and security all must be taken into account. You also need to determine how much control you want over your website. As I said above, dedicated hosting is the most secure, but it is also very expensive. Shared hosting gives you the most for your money, but most small business owners are heading toward  VPS web hosting because it provides security, flexibility and costs less. Whichever web hosting service you choose, make sure you do your research so that you can choose the optimal service for your website’s security and needs.



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